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      We had a touching situation where a contractor called in desperately looking for employment.  In that we treat all contractors (in our network) equally, we explained that preference cannot be given to one single contractor over another; no matter what their circumstances maybe.  All contractors must pass a background search, have proper licensing, insurance and bonding, and provide a fair bid price for any assignment Bay Area Fix It supplies.  If not awarded a contract, each member must move on to the next bidding opportunity.  At this point, the contractor asked for advice on other sources where he can get jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

      SO, it is on this topic that we want to make aware to contractors, in dire need of work, where to look for more jobs or other bidding opportunities.  We’re doing this generously because we believe that no one should be left without the opportunity to find honest work. 

     Builders Exchange:

      We strongly believe that the builders exchange is an underutilized source of finding quality construction jobs.  Almost every county in Northern California has a builder’s exchange. These entities bring together General Contractors seeking subcontractors for mid to large jobs. It’s also a great resource for networking and marketing. TO enjoy additional benefits of the exchange, there is a membership program.  Click on the following for the home page of the larger builder’s exchange in San Francisco & Bay Area:

     Builders Exchange of Alameda County
    Builders Exchange of San Francisco
    Builders’ Exchange of Santa Clara County
    Builders Exchange of Stockton
    Builders Exchange of the Central Coast
    Central California Builders Exchange
    Contra Costa Builders Exchange
    Golden State Builders Exchanges
    Marin Builders Association
    Sacramento Builders’ Exchange
    Solano-Napa Builders Exchange

    Workers Union Labor Force:

      Joining a construction labor union is a great opportunity if you’re starting out as an apprentice and seeking to take your career to the next level as a licensed contractor.  It also helps the more experienced laborers find and secure work from job owners seeking bids from union workers only.  There are practically several different union groups for most construction trades in every county of the Bay Area.  These unions are normally arranged by trade type.  For example, there is a carpenters union, plumbers union, electrician union, to name a few. 

      The idea of being a laborer and being your own boss can be a good idea.  But without some added help of affiliating yourself with alternate avenues of finding work; business failure is almost inevitable. 

      If all else fails, give us a call.  We help bay area contractors find employment opportunities right in their own backyard.   

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