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    With being a local small business, we here at Bay Area Fix It highly encourage and support other such companies who also offer uniqueness in their services; especially if they are family owned.  One such company that we would like to recommend and highlight this week is Sofa 4 Less.  It is a boutique furniture store located on 1529 Polk Street in San Francisco and on 5887-S Lone Tree Way in Antioch, CA.

    Another furniture store you say! Why are they different or unique? They build custom sofas; 4 less.  We are sure that many other furniture stores do this as well BUT it seems (based on past customer reviews and what’s written on their website) that they make custom built sofas their specialty.  They are adamant about it!

    So, imagine that you don’t have furniture or sofa ideas.  They can help you come up with a style and layout that fits your preference and budget.  Better yet, as is mostly the case, imagine you have limited space in your apartment or condo and need a sofa with specific dimensions and measurements.  They can, “Absolutely!! … change the length and depth of any sofa down to the inch.”  What’s most impressive is that there are no extra fees in changing the dimensions of the sofa.  As stated on Sofa 4 Less’ website, “Price only goes up if you ask to have the sofa (made) bigger.”

    We also like the fact that this company is very transparent with what goes into the make-up of their furniture assembly, their terms and conditions, and delivery options.  What stands out the most is their sincere  promise to build you a custom sofa at bargain prices.

    Although there are many name brand distributors and national furniture chains, we hope that you learn more about your local sofa store selection and pay these guys a visit.  You’re not only supporting a local-family owned business to stay in the community but they might just be the perfect fit you’re looking for in a furniture store.

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