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    We were asked about a similar topic we’ve covered before in our blog concerning carpets and hardwood floor.  In that blog, we discussed which would be the better option: to cover your wooden floors with a custom carpet design or is it more beneficial to leave your floor as-is with the hardwood floor finish.  We gave pros and cons between having installed either options, but at the end of the day, it all depends on what makes you comfortable.  And what you can afford. Oh, and what your wife chooses!

    But the question we received was slightly different and more specific in terms of choosing between rugs vs. carpets.  Our blog reader wanted to know, between rugs and carpets, which is a better option?  We would definitely recommend rugs. 

    Rugs are smaller in size (which makes it easier to manipulate & fit into your space), less expansive to buy, and maintenance is definitely cheaper. Plus it gives the room a center piece or can be used as an accent to other accessories in your living room or kitchen floor.  Rugs give you more leeway for design and appeal.  Also, the area that isn’t covered by the rug gives you the benefit of having both the hardwood floor (assuming that’s what’s under the rug) and semi-carpeted area. 

    If you go with the option to cover your floor completely with carpet, you’ll definitely have a comfortable floor! We think the best benefit of having a carpeted floor, if you live in San Francisco, is that it’s a great insulator of heat.  Meaning it helps keep the heat inside your room better than bare floors.  But, carpet hasn’t been much of a great fad lately; especially if you live in the Bay Area.  San Francisco and the Bay Area is more of a Victorian hardwood floor type of place. 

    So, if you go with carpet, a couple things would definitely hit you hard later on if you chose to change the look of your floor.  One, the carpet may not be in stock a few years from now, and no longer manufactured.  This may be true with rugs also, but replacing a small rug is justifiable to change in color and style if no exact replica exists.  A carpeted floor; however, needs to be replaced entirely at probably a higher cost to have it removed, disposed of, and re-installed.  Two, your hardwood floor underneath the carpet may now be damaged after all these years of being covered by the carpet. So instead of just changing the carpet, you might be doing an entire floor remodeling; replacing the hardwood floor as well.  YIKES! But, fear not, this situation does not happen often…but it does happen so keep it in mind. 

    The plus side for going with the rug option, is that you can buy the rug (no matter what size it maybe), and practically install it yourself.  If you don’t like the look or feel of the rug, just simply return it to the store and swap it out.  We can’t imagine the same benefit with carpeted floors.  Once you buy and install the carpet, it would be like pulling teeth to get both the flooring contractor and retail store that sold you the carpet to replace or return the item for free.  Someone is goanna want restocking fee for such a large item.  Very few stores will let this slide without a nominal charge.  

    So there you go folks! That’s our take on rugs vs. carpeted floors.  

    (This article was written without the influence of the author’s wife, who would probably chose carpeted floors).

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