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    We think it goes without saying that if you have roommates, are married, or live at home with family, no one wants to do home chores all by their wee lonely selves. 

    Let’s face it, as much as you might love or appreciate your significant other, housemate, or brother and sister, you probably don’t want to be the one cleaning up after them day in and day out without some sort of help.  After all, you share all other matters in the household, living expenses for example, so why not share the home chores too. You might just be doing them a favor if you speak up and ask to share household chores; the person you live with probably needs to be more responsible and clean up after themselves.  Yikes!

    So here are our suggested approach to sharing household chores:

    1)      If you have separate bedrooms:

    1. This is a touchy situation.  Since you don’t share the same bedrooms, try NOT to mention the personal space when you first bring up the topic of shared responsibility around the house.  The other person may get overly defensive and insulted.  For now, let the personal space of bedrooms be an individual preference rather than mutual concern.  Instead address chores in common areas first.  Get a good working relationship and understanding of how to keep the home clean and tidy together before suggesting how to do a makeover to their personal quarters.  But keep chore duties fair and be flexible.  Gravity is definite but circumstantial setbacks cause delays, grief, and change in attitude. So, maybe on those days, your roomie might just not want to clean the three dishes you left in the sink, even though it’s their turn to do the dishes.  Be considerate toward changes, delays and setbacks.

    2)      Make a List: 

    1. Make a schedule and a list of all the things both of you might have issues with if the other person leaves a mess in that area .  Dirty kitchen appliances, plates in the sink, crumbs on the kitchen floor, ice tray left empty and not refilled with water to make more ice!  Think of things that can be messy if the other person doesn’t take time to practice cleanliness. Sharing household chores is a preventive measure of living in a dirty home with a sloppy housemate.
    2. The list should include common areas: Bathrooms: toilet paper refills, hand soap refill, no dirty towels on the floor or over stocked laundry bins. Living room: no dirty cups and dishes left lying around with food and drinks still in them from three days ago. YUM! Think of any common area that you both share and would like to find clean every time you use it; assuring the other person that you will leave it clean after your use as well!

    3)      Grocery List:                                                                     

    For those who are married and have kids share the grocery shopping list.  These individuals normally have larger meal plans than most, so be considerate and not pass over grocery shopping lists to mom only. 

    4)     Reflect on Progress:

    Make weekly reflection sessions where both of you look back at the work done and positively reinforce each other for a job well done.  Continue doing this until doing individual chores becomes common place.  Restart the review sessions if either of you lose track of who should be doing what chores on what days.  In other words, keep each other in check when either of you get  lazy and go back to your old ways.  Help each other, this creates team work!

    The best approach is to have a friendly and open talk about how to live with each other in terms of sharing household chores.  Staying clean and having respect for the other person’s use and need to use of a common place in the home will make for an easier living condition free of arguments and loss of respect.

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