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    Today we want to show case a hardware store that is a true GEM in its neighborhood!  And that would be none other than Nob Hill’s very own: NOB HILL HARDWARE STORE.

    A few of the staff members here at Bay Area Fix It have personally bought items from Nob Hill Hardware and all around the decision was unanimous; the service received was far beyond and above average!

    The owner of Nob Hill Hardware, Michael Ficcetti, is simply the most humble hardware store owner we have ever met!  He’s owned Nob Hill Hardware for the past five years and has it stacked with just about every household gadget for routine handyman repairs or quick fixes around the house.  He runs the hardware store by himself and shows the same courtesy to anyone who enters his shop.

    And if you don’t want to take our word for it, look at their yelp reviews!!  One Yelper had a comment that just seems too good to be true….but we believe!

    Alex H, from San Francisco, wrote,”… he suggested I take several items home to try/measure and could worry about paying him “next time I stop by.” Service like this just doesn’t exist anymore.”

    Well, Alex, we agree with you!  Neighborly consideration and trust, especially from a place of business, is hard to find these days.  It’s out there still…but sometimes genuine customer service like they give at Nob Hill Hardware Store is just few and far between!

    The store itself offers anything from household appliances, landscaping equipment, electronics, emergency batteries, to bathroom accessories and kitchen utensils. It’s conveniently located on California Street and Hyde downtown San Francisco.  It is literally across the street from Nob Hill’s new neighborhood grocery store Trader Joe’s on California Street.  Its exact address is: 1414 California Street.  This hardware store is ideal for those who live in the Nob Hill, Tenderloin, and Pac Height neighborhoods.

    So if you live close by and you need some basic advice on household needs, give Nob Hill Hardware call.  We have no direct affiliation with them, but from one neighbor to the next, we definitely recommend Michael and his Nob Hill Hardware Store.

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