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    Ever wondered what really is a carpenter? Better yet, what is carpentry? Is that synonymous with construction carpenter?

    Let’s define the industry first. Carpentry is the occupation of making, repairing, or altering things made of wood.  The carpenter is the skilled builder and craftsman who perform such work.  Carpenters also construct and repair building framework (framing) with the most popular being door frames and cabinets. Other structures include patios, stairways, rafters, wood railings, and wood trims.

    They also offer excellent craftsmanship ideas in fine Victorian carpentry and design; specialize in seismic woodwork retrofit, home renovation as far as wooden cabinets-wooden infrastructure, windows, and doors.

    The basic carpentry skills necessary to complete residential or commercial wooden home renovation, or to pursue a career as a general contractor, is to understand the basics of rough carpentry, finish carpentry, and framing carpentry.  A good source to begin on a path of becoming a licensed carpenter or to find out more about this trade is by contacting the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local Union No. 22 of San Francisco (aka – local22).  It’s a good start in looking for the best carpenters in San Francisco.

    Surrounding yourself (at the local 22) with these ace-type handyman and home improvement carpenters is a sure shot in becoming more familiar with the trade and industry.  With being a protégée, you’ll learn faster at becoming a carpenter and it will be as if the techniques of carpentry are made easy and simple to learn.

    If you have a love for building things with your hands, being outdoors and being surrounded by homes or other commercial buildings under construction, then maybe this line of work is right for you.  They are also key aspects of the making of a Bay Area carpenter!

    But before you take on any carpentry do-it-yourself project, keep in mind that basic carpentry skills (as mentioned above) are necessary for most home renovation, home building (this might be extreme for a weekend project-Yikes) and other construction projects.  If you have a carpentry question or concern, don’t just dive into the project blindly.  Shop around and contact a carpenter or cabinet company in the San Francisco or Bay Area that can do the job for you correctly the first time around. If not, give us a call, we’ll put you in touch with top-rated professional carpenters in your area.   They can provide the industry’s best carpentry tips, advice, and more importantly service.

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