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    Questions were asked about where to get glass replacement for homes and office windows, how to remove broken glass from a window, and how to install (or retrofit) window glass. These questions came in the form of our blog follower hoping to replace or repair the broken (lose) glass on a window; on a do it yourself project. Basically the reader is trying to figure out two things: where to get the actual glass for the window and how to replace broken window glass onto a window fixture.

    Although, it can be an easy job to simply replace the glass on the window, this all depends on what type of window you have installed in your home or office. Let’s tackle the first concern. Where to get the glass for the window? We’ll list three reputable window and door distributors (installers) in Oakland, San Francisco, and the South Bay. We have no affiliation to these companies; however, we support our local small businesses…in other words we could have easily said go to Home Depot or Lowes for any glass or window repairs. But, be aware that local small businesses provide the same service and, in some cases, better quality than most national retail stores. Here goes:

    San Francisco:                                             San Jose:
    SF Window Pros                                          The Screen Shop
    www.sfwindowpros.com                               www.thescreenshop.com

    Oakland Area:
    Jimenez Glass

    You can order just the glass from these companies or you can also hire them to install the glass for you as well.

    Now, on to the second question; how to replace broken glass and install new glass on a window? We first mentioned that the steps for this project can be simple and easy. It should be, but like most things in construction: it’s not as easy or simple as it looks. The biggest obstacle you’ll find is to identify what type of window you have installed. You’re probably thinking, I just want to replace the glass not the window. First tip, the way the glass is installed is based on what type of window you currently have. The type of window frame determines if you need to cut a thick or thin piece of glass, what type of caulking compound to hold the glass in place (onto the window) or replacing the trims (Grilles) to hold the new glass on the window. There are several other possibilities, all depending on what type of window framing or casing is in your home or office. Tip two, if you manage to install the glass back in place, you still need to worry about how insulated your quick fix might be. If the seams of the glass are not installed tightly enough (or leveled correctly), it may cause the home to lose heat, the window to leak when it rains, and a slew of other problems.

    So, before you take on this journey to remove or replace broken window glass on your own, consult with a contractor or local window installer. Most local window repair shops provide free estimates, which can give you a clue to what you’re up against. Then decide which route to take. If you live in the Sunset district of San Francisco, jeopardizing central heating might not be worth the trouble of repairing a broken window by yourself. It gets too cold in that area, and it’s always foggy in the Bay Area. So you need properly installed glass and window frames throughout the home and office space.

    When all else fails, give us a call. We know a few reputable window installers that can help you.

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